S U M M E R !

Hey there, me again!

So todays post is mainly a little update on my life at the minute; aka, summer!


I love summer, I mean, getting 4 months off university cant be bad, can it? There are two reasons I love summer; travel, and sun. Okay, the latter isnt guarenteed living in England, hence why I always book a holiday abroad.This year I went to Costa Teguise, Lanzarote! I was originally a little skeptical about chosing here, as we all know of ‘lanzagrote’, right? However, I was so surprised, The place was lovely! The beaches were clean with bright blue sea, the sun was hot, the sky was clear, and there was a cocktail bar around every corner, so you can’t really go wrong! We stayed at the Be Live Lanzarote Resort:


As you can see, it was so pretty! The hotel had everything we (my boyfriend and I) wanted, a large pool, close to the beach, and unlimited cocktails! I particularly enjoyed how all the staff referred to the cocktail ‘sex on the beach’ as ‘love on the beach’, cute yet funny! The hotel also had a lot of activities and entertainment, so naturally I sat with my sun hat on, drink in hand as Chris played football in 28 degree heat!

This summer hasnt been all about travel, back here in England after my holiday I’ve attempted to make sure I do something with each of my days! I’m currently decorating our spare room to turn it into a little study, so natually I’m stalking Tumblr every day looking for inspiration! I am obsessed with all white at the minute, so naturally I bought white paint and a white desk! Take a little look at what inspires me:




I’m also trying to dedicate my summer to working on myself and my fitness. As a young woman, naturally I have a number of ‘hang ups’ shall we call them, with my body. I’m not a very good cook, so this summer is all about trying out new recipes and educating myself on what I should be eating, If I ever lose my motivation to go to the gym, I quickly have a little stalk of instagram or tumblr and soon find my motivation after a few minutes looking at fit, healthy women who share their journeys! Take for example an entry on Em Sheldons blog, which shares a healthy recipe for a sweet potato brownie snack!


So anyway, I’ll wrap this up! I’m about to commence my wild Friday night… on my sofa… under a blanket.. watching a film (We bought a zoo- great feel good watch)!

Until next time,

xoxo Amy


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